• Contribution of anti-inflammatory and anti-virulence effects of azithromycin in the treatment of experimental Staphylococcus aureus keratitis

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  • ヒト、ウサギ及びサルの房水組成に関する情報集約

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  • Pathological features of corneal phospholipidosis in juvenile white rabbits Induced by ocular instillation of chloroquine or amiodarone

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  • Investigation of comet assays under conditions mimicking ocular instillation administration in a three-dimensional reconstructed human corneal epithelial model

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  • 物理架橋キトサン-ポリ(N-イソプロピルアクリルアミド)ゲルの温度応答性薬物放出

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  • 層剥離したリン酸ジルコニウムヒドロゲルのpH応答性薬物キャリアとしての利用

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  • イヌの眼圧下降に対する0.005%ラタノプロスト点眼液の有用性の評価

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  • Development and characterization of a new rat ocular hypertension model induced by intracameral injection of conjunctival fibroblasts

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  • ビマトプロスト点眼液(ルミガン点眼液0.03%)の使用成績調査

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  • ウサギ輸送箱の改善

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  • Risk assessment of reproductive and developmental toxicity in eye-drop drugs: A consideration based
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