Designated quasi-drugs


Lubricates lenses, allows smooth insertion


  • Viscous liquid forms a thin layer on the surface of hard or rigid gas permeable lenses.
    • It alleviates the impact of lenses touching the cornea and reduces the sense of discomfort or irritation when putting the lenses on.
    • It helps the surface of the lenses to fit with the tear film and prevents clouded lenses.
    • It prevents the lenses from getting dirty with fingers while inserting them.
    • It stabilizes the lenses on the finger and eases its insertion.
  • Since this product has been prepared aseptically, lenses can be inserted hygienically.


Who should seek consultation

1. The following persons should consult a physician or pharmacist before using this product:

  • Persons under treatment by a physician
  • Persons who or whose family members have allergies
  • Persons who have had allergies to medicines
  • Persons who have suffered from the following symptom: Severe eye pain

2. Stop using this product immediately and consult a physician or pharmacist in the following case. Take this leaflet with you.

If the following symptoms appear after using this product:

Affected area Symptoms
Skin Rashes, redness, itching
Eye Hyperemia, itching, swelling


Help to wear hard contact lenses.


Partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol 20mg
Sodium chloride 9mg
Hypromellose 5mg

Inactive ingredients

Disodium edetate hydrate, benzalkonium chloride, sodium acetate hydrate, pH control chemicals


Moisten both sides of a hard contact lens with 1 to 2 drops of this product and put it on.

< Precautions regarding dosage and directions >

    • Children are permitted to use this product only under the direction and supervision of a parent or other responsible adult.
    • Do not touch the tip of the bottle to contact lenses or fingers. (If dirt or other foreign matter, etc. is mixed in the bottle, the medical solution can be contaminated or clouded.) In addition, do not use a clouded solution.
    • Do not use this product while wearing contact lenses.
    • Use this product only when you wear hard contact lenses.
    • Please follow the recommended dosage and directions.


    • Keep the bottle tightly closed and store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • To prevent improper use or loss of quality, do not transfer the product to another container.
    • Do not transfer other things to the bottle.
    • Do not share the product with others.
    • Do not use this product after the expiration date. Even before the expiration date, use this product as soon as possible once the bottle is opened.
    • Depending on the conditions of storage, ingredients of the medical solution can be crystalized and attached around the tip of the bottle or inside the cap. In such a case, wipe lightly with clean gauze before use.


  • Wash your hands well and clean them before handling contact lenses.
  • Be very particular about storage and cleaning in order to keep contact lenses clean and undamaged.
  • When you use contact lenses, be sure to have a routine checkup by an ophthalmologist.
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