Since Senju was established in 1947, we have been making efforts for more than 70 years to develop excellent medicines and services focusing on the ophthalmology field through our unique ideas and R&D capabilities.
Throughout our history, we have cultivated a sense of values that we call “SENJU SENSE”. The foundation of this philosophy is not to focus on the scale and sales of a Big Company, but rather to pursue the happiness of everyone associated with Senju and continue to be a “Good Company” as a management principle. To do this, we engage in “if I were you” - the company concept that helps us see the perspective of others.
Changes in the environment of our society and medical care occur with increasing speed. In these difficult times, we stand steadfastly by our values and continue to be a company that acts on them as we look forward to meeting future challenges and adapting to change.
Our wish is to continue to be trusted by society as we contribute to the support and improvement of patients’ Quality of Vision around the world by continuously creating and proposing revolutionary medical products and services.

Shuhei Yoshida President