Modern facilities and a supportive environment ensure the development of effective medicines

Highly advanced production technologies are required to ensure that today,s pharmaceuticals meet established standards for safety and reliability.
However, ophthalmological drugs-much like injection solutions-must meet standards far more stringent than those that apply to other types of medicines. Similarly, contact lens products are unique among consumer products in requiring the same degree of manufacturing precision as pharmaceuticals.

Senju Pharmaceutical,s production system has been developed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for sterility, purity, and quality while satisfying the diverse production requirements of our many products. Moreover, our modern plant has been designed to provide our staff with a pleasant working environment conducive to precise attention to detail. We have placed the highest priority on assembling state-of-the-art facilities that ensure mass production of the highest quality pharmaceuticals at the lowest cost.

Every day, in our plant,s ideal production environment, Senju Pharmaceutical applies world-class technology to the manufacture of superior pharmaceuticals for the global market.

Production base

    • Manufacturing Plant Fukusaki

    • Manufacturing Plant Karatu