We will set the following "Quality Policies" and continue to be a "Good Company" by encouraging cooperation among all employees and providing high-quality products for "realization of products" that meet the needs of patients and customers, as well as requirements by regulatory agencies.

Quality Policies

We always pay close attention to the quality of our products to provide customers with better pharmaceuticals and comply with laws and standards with high ethical standards on product quality, and exercise corporate activities that can build trust from society. For these purposes, we carry out all activities according to the following policies:

  • (Realization of products)
    · We seek evidence-based, world-class, and high-quality products across the entire production process from R&D to manufacturing and marketing, and always make efforts to realize it.
    · We promote appropriate use of our products by providing proper information.
  • (Continuous improvements)
    · We try to continuously improve our activities in order to provide better products that are required by our customers, such as medical consumers and/or providers.
    · We conduct risk management to continuously improve quality systems for pharmaceuticals and other products
  • (Management Resources)
    · We allocate appropriate management resources for realization of products and continuous improvements to build and maintain necessary systems.