“Being a good company” is our management policy.
As a company that aims to be reliable, necessary and valuable for society,
we are committed to pursuing happiness for all people associated with Senju rather than
just becoming a “big company” that pursues only greater growth and increased sales.

  • Action Guidelines
  • If I were you Considering from others' viewpoints is the starting point for all our business activities.

    "If I were you"
    We should not do to others what we would not like to be done to us.
    We should do to others what would make us happy if done to us or what others would like if done to them. We should think about and do things from others’ points of view at all times. These are the action guidelines that Senju employees aim to follow.

  • Company Vision(of our ideal future)
  • To provide care that is effective for the five senses of people around the world A company that persistently creates and provides original and high-quality pharmaceutical products that is effective for everyone's' five senses with its unique concept and world-class research and development ability

    This vision shows our determination to continue creating and providing excellent pharmaceutical products and services that care for the five main sensory functions (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) through which people feel the joy of living. To realize this vision, we intend to work with a high level of diligence.

  • Image of Ideal Senju Employee
  • Bliss Creator A person who can always create new value and provide happiness beyond society's expectations, with a strong sense of mission and a lofty aspiration

    The word "bliss" means perfect and extreme happiness. Every employee of Senju aims to be a "bliss creator," a person who, with a strong sense of mission and a lofty aspiration, creates new value and provides happiness beyond society's expectations based on our management policy. In accomplishing this aim, we focus on "Five Basic Styles"—(1) Independence, (2) Extroversion, (3) Prudence, (4) Courage, and (5) Ability to enjoy—as key attitudes and behavior.

  • Common Values among All Employees

    Senju Pharmaceutical integrates the four elements above (management policy, action guidelines, company vision, and ideal employee image) into a concept called the "Senju Sense" that is shared by all Senju employees in the organization. To enhance unity and understanding among our employees, we have prepared a booklet describing in simple terms the "Senju Sense," and a handy pocket card for a quick reference, and distribute them to our employees.

  • "Sen-sen," the Mascot of SENJU SENSE

    "Sen-sen" is our mascot embodying the image of Senju Sense. Its name was created by taking the first syllable of each word in "Senju Sense."