Code of Conduct for Compliance

The directors, employees and other members of Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“SENJU”) will act in compliance not only with the law but will operate under a high standard of ethical values so as to conduct business management that is in line with the management philosophy of SENJU in order to develop and supply pharmaceutical products of truly high quality and products that bring health benefits to the lives of the public, thereby contributing to the improvement of the lives and health of all people around the world.
To abide by the principles defined above, SENJU declares the following in order to fulfill the aim of substantiating the spirit of our ideals.

  • We shall promote the health of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and in doing so, we shall aim to deliver richness and happiness to people’s lives. To this end, we shall engage in the research and development of pharmaceutical products of great originality and shall ensure the uninterrupted and stable supply of products which prioritize efficacy and safety to the utmost.

  • When conducting clinical trials, we shall obtain the cooperation of medical establishments and be fully mindful of respecting the human rights and discretion of the trial subjects, protecting personal information meticulously and ensuring safety. We shall conduct the trials with scientific rigor while giving due consideration to animal welfare when the use of laboratory animals is necessary.
    In addition, SENJU shall submit marketing application for pharmaceuticals by handling data appropriately in accordance with the relevant legislation, in-house standards and regulations, the trial protocol, as well as scientific validity.

  • To ensure the proper use of pharmaceutical products, we shall accurately collect, analyze, evaluate and supply information relating to the quality, efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals that is available in Japan and other countries as backed by science, and shall do so similarly with post-marketing information.

  • We shall engage in proper business practice and distribution activities based on fair and free competition. We shall also maintain a fair, just and sound relationship with political and government agents as well as healthcare practitioners and other parties concerned.

  • In view of the advance and sophistication of information technology, we shall adopt full and proper care to give appropriate protection and failsafe control of all information, including personal data and customer information.

  • We shall ensure appropriate communication with all our stakeholders and disclose corporate information in a timely, appropriate and equitable manner.

  • We shall recognize that environmental issues are of shared concern to all humanity and are essential requisites to be addressed when conducting business activities and shall therefore engage actively in engaging with these issues.

  • We shall respect the diversity, personalities and individuality of our directors, employees and other members and we shall endeavor to maintain a working environment with due safety considerations where workers find satisfaction and motivation. We shall boost and make qualitative improvements to ethical values held by our directors, employees and other members.

  • Aiming to become a model in corporate citizenship, we shall actively engage in social contribution activities.

  • We shall firmly reject any anti-social forces that pose a threat to the order and security of our communities and refuse any unjustified demands from individuals or organizations perpetrating such threats. We shall not engage in any secret transactions or provision of funding, and we shall totally deny dealings and sever any ties with such forces.

  • In view of the globalization of business activities, we shall comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements of every country and region while respecting all international codes of conduct, including the protection of human rights. We shall conduct business while respecting the culture and customs of different countries and communities and the interests of all stakeholders, thereby making our contributions to the development of the economy and society of the respective country or region.

The management executives of SENJU shall recognize that it is their mission to materialize the spirit of this charter and shall lead by example. They shall ensure the thorough implementation of the above within the company as well as our affiliates and urge our business partners to also fall in line. They shall be constantly alert, paying attention to views and voices within the company so as to uphold a corporate system and culture that are genuinely effective.
In the event of any incident arising that goes against our management philosophy, they shall take ownership and address the problem as their own responsibility, endeavoring to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence. Furthermore, they shall make speedy and accurate information disclosure to the public and fulfill the responsibility of providing an explanation. Having identified clearly where the authority and responsibility lie, they shall impose strict penalties to the responsible party, including themselves.

Compliance with the Promotion Code and the Fair Competition Code

We will ensure thorough compliance with the "Promotion Code for Ethical Drugs" (Code for Ethical Drugs) and the "Fair Competition Code for the Marketing Business of Ethical Drugs". We have appointed staff in a related department to review promotional materials and verify their compliance status.