Company Profile

Milestones in Our History

April 1947Hiroshi Tsuzuki (CEO) established the company in Tennoji-ku, Osaka with start-up capital of 195,000 yen.1947
JulyInjection Product for Neutropenia, "PANILTIN", sales launched  
February 1949Reishin Tanimura became the President. 
JuneCompany head office relocated to Nishinari-ku, Osaka
SeptemberCompany head office relocated to Higashi-ku, Osaka.
Manufacturing plant relocated to Ashiya-shi, Hyogo.
June 1951Agreement for the sole distribution of Senju Products through Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. 
December 1955Masao Yoshida became the President. 
December 1958 Ophthalmic Solution for Cataract, "KATALIN", sales launched.1958
December 1962Itami Plant established for manufacturing of ingredients in Itami, Hyogo.1962
April 1965Artificial Tear Ophthalmic Solution, "MYTEAR", sales launched.1965
MayCompany head office relocated to Kita-ku, Osaka  
November 1969Increase capital to 75,000,000 yen 
March 1972Company head office and Osaka branch are relocated to Hiranomachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka1972
April 1973Capital increased to 150,000,000 yen 
June 1974 Fukusaki Plant for manufacturing established in Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo 1974
July"Product for contact lens" sales launched  
March 1978Ophthalmic Solution for middle-aged persons, "VIDO-40", sales launched1978
JuneShoji Yoshida became the President.  
NovemberCompany head office relocated in Hiranomachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka.  
February 1980Ophthalmic Solution for exclusive use on contact lens, "MYTEAR CL", sales launched1980
September 1981Penicillin Antibiotic Ophthalmic Product, "SULPELIN", sales launched1981
September 1983Completion of Secondly Stage work on the Fukusaki Plant1983
November 1984Ophthalmic Solution for Glaucoma, "MIKELAN 1%, 2%", sales launched1984
December 1985Antifungal Ophthalmic Product, "PIMARICIN", sales launched 
January 1987Intraocular Irrigating Solution, "OPEGUARD MA",sales launched. 
February 1988Cephalosporin Antibiotic Ophthalmic Product, "BESTRON", sales launched1988
JuneCapital increased to 1,415,500,000 yen
OctoberNSAID Ophthalmic Solution, "NIFLAN", sales launched 1998
January 1993 Established resident office in Los Angels, California  
February Established Kobe Creative Center1993
JulyOphthalmic Viscoelastic Preparation, "OPELEAD", sales launched  
April 2000Antiallergic Ophthalmic Solution, "KETAS", sales launched 
July NSAID Ophthalmic Solution, "BRONUCK", sales launched 2000
April 2001Established the new laboratory in Oregon, USA 
October 2003NSAID Ophthalmic Solution, "MYTEAR EYETECT", sales launched2003
May 2004Established resident office in Amsterdam, Netherland 
September4th Generation Fluoroquinolone Ophthalmic Solution, "GATIFLO", sales launched 2004
April 2006Established Senju U.S.A. INC.
Established resident office in China, Beijing
JuneYukoh Yoshida became the President.
May 2008Senju Medical Consulting (Shanghai) co., Ltd established in Shanghai, China. 
  Ophthalmic Suspension for Spring Catarrh, "TALYMUS", sales launched 2008
DecemberConstruction of a New Plant begun in Karatsu, Saga 2008
January 2009 Allergy Containing Pranoprofen
"Mytear EYETECT ALPITATTO", sales launched