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Compliance System

Code of Conduct for Compliance

At Senju, officers and employees will engage in corporate operations in compliance with laws and ordinances, and based on high-quality morality in accordance with our management policy (Mission Statement), and develop and provide truly excellent medicenes and other products that contribute to the healthy life of people (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Senju products"), thereby contributing to the health and a better quality of life for people around the world.

  1. With the intention of delivering enrichment and joy to the lives of people through the health of the five senses (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) we will engage in research and development of original Senju products, and give top priority to the efficacy and safety of Senju products we provide.
  2. We will swiftly provide, collect, report and communicate accurate domestic and overseas information backed up by science with respect to quality, efficacy and safety to assure the proper use of Senju products (drugs, in particular).
  3. We will be committed to a fair and transparent free competition appropriate for high-quality Senju products excellent in efficacy and safety. We will maintain healthy and normal relations with government and regulatory authorities, healthcare professionals etc.
  4. We will work on the rationalization and streamlining of the overall management to actively improve the management structure. Based on our awareness that we are a pharmaceutical company, we will communicate with shareholders and more widely with society in general to promote an understanding of our healthy corporate management and corporate activities.
  5. In our corporate accounting we will manage our assets and record transactions accurately in accordance with the laws and ordinances. We will not spend our assets for illegal purposes or use them for personal or third party interest.
  6. Respecting the rights and individuality of officers and employees, we will enhance their individual morality and independence. We will also endeavor to create an environment in which officers and employees engage in satisfying work with a sense of mission.
  7. We will adopt a strong line against organized violence by antisocial forces/organizations with the background of collective power.
  8. When an incident against the spirit of our Company Policy occurs, the top management and the officer in charge will address the problem under their own responsibility, and endeavor to identify the root causshe and prevent recurrence. We will identify responsible party, and punish those involved severely.

Compliance with the Promotion Code and the Fair Competition Code

We will ensure thorough compliance with the "Promotion Code for Ethical Drugs" (Code for Ethical Drugs) and the "Fair Competition Code for the Marketing Business of Ethical Drugs". We have appointed staff in a related department to review promotion materials and verify the compliance status.