Meetings of the Minds2003

American Neurological Association 128th Annual Meeting and the 6th Annual Neurology Outcomes Symposium

  • DAY: to be released
  • Place:San Francisco, USA.
  • Analysis of Calcium-dependent Proteinase and Cytoskeletal Proteins in Muscle from Patients with Inflammatory Myopathy
  • Ken-ya Murata1, Yoshiyuki Tamada1, Mitsuyoshi Azuma2 et. al.
    (Department of Neurology, Nara Medical University1、Senju Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd2)

Glaucoma Society International Congress of Ophthalmology

  • DAY: to be released
  • Place:Chanitilly, France.
  • Contribution of ROCK in contraction of trabecular meshwork: proposed mechanism for regulating aqueous outflow in monkey and human eye
  • Emi Nakajima, Takeshi Nakajima, Yoko Minagawa, Chie Mito, Thomas R. Shearer and Mitsuyoshi Azuma

4th Retrometabolism Based Drug Design and Targeting Conference

  • DAY: to be released
  • Place:Palm Coast, Florida (USA).
  • Structure modification and formulation study of potent calpain inhibitor to improve intraocular availability
  • Masayuki Nakamura, Masazumi Yamaguchi, Jun Inoue

Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2003 Annual Meeting

  • DAY: to be released
  • Place:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
  • ①Selenite May Cause Mitochondrial Damage and Cell Death in Cultured Lens Epithelial Cel
    ②Different Expression Patterns for Human Css1 and Css2 During Lens Maturation
    ③DNA Microarray Analysis of Lens Epithelial Cells in Selenite-injected Rats
    ④Activation of Downstream Pathways after Calpain-induced Proteolysis in the Hypoxic Rat Retina
    ⑤Role of Calpains in Hypoxia-Induced Cell Death in Monkey Retina
  • ①M.Azuma, T.Nakajima, E.Nakajima, T.R. Shearer
    ②H.Ma, M.Shih, E.Nakajima, C.Fukiage, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer
    ③T.Nakajima, P.B. Belusko, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer
    ④Y.Tamada, E.Nakajima, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer
    ⑤E.Nakajima, Y.Tamada, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer

Experimental Biology 2003 (EB 2003) Translating the Genome

  • DAY: to be released
  • Place:San Diego, CA, U.S.A.
  • ①Down-regulation of mitochondrial RNAs in rodent lens epithelial cells after injection of selenite
    ②Differential regulation of calpain proteolysis in primate lens and retina
  • ①T.Nakajima, P.B. Belusko, M.Shih, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer
    ②E.Nakajima, P.B. Belusko, C.Fukiage, M.Azuma, T.R. Shearer


  • DAY: to be released

《 Oral and Poster Presentations 》
Oral Presentation Date: February 9th , 2003
 ○K. Masuda
 Effect of Topical Ecabet Sodium on Mucin Levels in the Tear Fluid of Patients with Dry Eye

《 Poster Presentation 》
 ○T. Kida
 Effect of Bepotastine Besilate (TAU-284), a New Histamine H1Receptor Antagonist, on Experimental Histamine-induced and IgE-mediated Conjunctivitis

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