Our Initiatives for Society/Environment

  • Social Activities
  • Environmental Efforts
  • Compliance System

Environmental Efforts

Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has established a system to reduce the impact on the environment in a sustainable manner with an aim to reduce environmental burdens and to benefit the environment. As part of this effort, our Fukusaki Plant obtained ‘ISO 14001’, an international standard for Environmental Management System established by the International Organization for Standardization in December 2007.

Senju has established environmental philosophy and basic policies that allow us to continue providing patients and consumers with high quality products and to protect the environment as a corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Fukusaki Plant will pursue a happiness of all people involved with Senju through supplying excellent products to the markets in a steady manner, and we will take action so that each one of our employees will strive to leave a rich and secure earth to our descendants with an increased awareness of their responsibility to this planet.

Basic Policies

  1. In designing products, we propose to choose environmentally friendly raw materials, and reduce waste and facilitate recycling after the use of products. We will procure raw materials, taking environmental burdens into account.
  2. In our production activities, we will eliminate MURI (unreasonableness), MURA (unevenness) and MUDA (waste), and make effective use of resources and efficient use of energy. We will also improve production processes and operation methods to minimize waste generated from raw materials and processes used.
  3. We will minimize the waste of environmentally burdensome materials that may contaminate the environment, and promote recycling whenever possible in an effort to prevent contamination.
  4. In implementing the environmental management system, we will review our internal organization and related regulations at all times to improve the system.
  5. In our corporate activities, we will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.
  6. We will educate our employees on environmental issues, and encourage them to actively support and join activities for environmental protection in the local community as good citizens, in addition to their environmental contributions through corporate activities.